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"when you are
       — moon, nayyirah waheed



Moonbrew Tonic came to light through meditation. A subconscious thought. A desire to connect with the Earth and harmonize the rhythms of nature through nourishment.

We acknowledge that a holistic approach is most nourishing to the body, providing an overall sense of balance. Life on the west coast is rich in opportunities to naturally achieve this balance — from connection to nature and health-focused communities to environmental awareness and the local food movement — Moonbrew represents all things we love most about BC.



Inspired by the healing potential of herbal medicine, Jamie Lee discovered jun while studying holistic nutrition at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Vancouver, BC. Jun allowed her to thrive through her studies while eliminating chronic digestive issues, naturally bringing her body back into balance. After recognizing the healing potential, Moonbrew became a way to share a culmination of her passions: expressing creativity through nutrition, working hands-on with sacred plant medicine and relating with heart-centered communities.