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What is Jun?

Truly raw and refreshingly effervescent, Jun is a probiotic tonic promoting alignment of the mind, body and spirit. Like the moon, it brings upon a subtle awareness within the body.

Similar to kombucha, jun is a traditionally fermented beverage. The true difference between the two fermented teas lie in the ingredients; instead of black tea and refined sugar used in kombucha, jun is brewed with green tea and honey. And we’re honouring this ancient process by infusing hand-harvested herbs and healing botanicals. 



Jun is considered a powerful healing tool and is consumed to achieve overall wellness within the body. It has been known support the immune, digestive and cognitive systems and provide sustained energy, mental clarity, and strong digestion.

As a culture, jun is considered to be more wild than kombucha. Because of this, you can expose it to just about any herb, creating potent healing remedies. Jun also contains B vitamins, organic acids and potent strains of beneficial bacterial culture. Consider jun a delicious way to take probiotics, with the additional benefit of healing herbs and botanicals.

Not only does each tonic contain a potent amount of beneficial bacteria and yeast, the honey also plays an integral role in the healing aspect of jun. It contains digestive-enhacing enzymes, essential minerals, and anti-inflammatory properties. Green tea is a powerful source of antioxidants, known to reduce stress and the wild herbs and botanicals used to infused each brew increased the unique medicinal properties.




A colony of beneficial bacteria and yeast to enhance gut, brain and immune function. Jun contains a wild array of bacterial strains. It’s a probiotic that is able to adapt to each individual body.


A powerful source of antioxidants to prevent and reduce free radical stress. Generating alpha brain waves, promoting calmness and sense of peace. Also known for it’s anti-cancer properties and liver protective function.


Filled with digestive-enhancing enzymes, essential minerals and anti-inflammatory properties. A prebiotic known to stabilize blood sugar levels, containing all nine essential amino acids.


Three-stage filtered water to remove sediment, chlorine, THMs and heavy metals without stripping essential minerals. The purest form of detoxification.



A heart-opening infusion of raspberry, sage & rose


Our original antioxidant tonic brewed with honey & green tea


Warming your soul and bringing balance with reishi, apple & chai


A calming blend of blueberry, lavender, & mint made magical by E3Live


A supportive and purifying feminine tonic with blackberry, chamomile & yarrow


Strengthening the immune system with ginger, turmeric, lemon balm & black pepper

Because we brew in small batches, minor inconsistencies in flavour and effervescence
are normal due to the nature of the jun culture and seasonality of ingredients.
If our ingredients aren’t wild-harvested or local, they’re certified organic. 

Consciously brewed by influence of the moon in Vancouver, BC